Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wednesday...What's on my desk

This is my fist installment so I admit, YES, this is the best it will be! It's like prettying the house before company comes over. BUT, I assure you, now that I cleared off my unused computer and have my craft supplies close at hand, it WILL be getting used--and future weeks should be much more interesting!!
First of all, this is my desk at home, in my husbands "man cave." I plan to move out eventually, but not any time soon. That'll be a major project. I'm on the hunt for a big desk, though, for under $30 (Goodwill, I hope) that I can paint black and relocate to my front room.
So in the meantime, this is where I craft (or WILL craft--I haven't done much lately) and run my two home-based businesses. I do a lost of list-making here, too.
Here's what we've got:
:: files for my businesses, church, Bunco calendar, etc.
:: my brand new "Wildflowers" Gold Canyon candle, which smells like the inside of a florist--YUM!!
:: the Tinkerbell poster my hubby bought me for Christmas (I love Tink!)
:: my inspiration/dream board where I post images that inspire or soothe me
:: my purple and white lamp
:: my brand new "The Complete Encyclopedia of Stitchery" book that I hope will help me start a new hobby (Michael's, here I come!!)
:: a framed photo of our son at 8 months (drooling, no less) and mine and my husband's engagement portrait (we were babies then, too!)

:: other random pictures and bobbles
:: a Peter Pan mug full of writing utensils
:: a magazine file full of my current catalogs and orders
:: my fun "ideas and correspondences" notebook and feather pen
I hope you liked the tour!! I'll be updating it every Wednesday! Let me know if you're posting a photo of your desk so I can bee-bop on over and see it!! :)


Chris Worthy said...

Your desk looks like a beautiful creative space! Nice to "meet" you!

Kirsty said...

I wish I owned the Encyclopeadia of Stitchery.