Tuesday, April 1, 2008

7 random things about me

Yep, found this floating around in blog world, too. Since many of you are new, it'll be a nice "get to know you."
1. I bite my fingernails. Especially when I feel stressed. It's one of my few OCD tendencies.
2. I've kissed over 35 guys in my life, mostly from when I was age 16 to 23. The irony? I didn't kiss my now-husband until we said "I do." I kid you not. God has a weird sense of humor.
3. I spent my first twenty years living in Florida and the last ten living in Arizona. I say, "I traded the humidity for a dry heat." But, hey, let's face facts--hot is hot.
4. I am 5'9" tall. That's a little taller than average. I think tall = power. I married a man my height and often wish I could wear heels more often. I dream about wearing high heels, like some kind of subconscious wish. Which brings me to...
5. I dream a lot. In color. And I remember them quite often. I have hundreds of dreams I could recount to you right now. My husband and I spend a lot of mornings reporting our dreams to each other. I get it from my grandfather. He's a dreamer, too, and so is my mom.
6. I am very sweaty. Most of the time. My ayurvedic dosha is 'pitta' so it makes sense--we're "fiery." It's mostly my hands and feet so growing up Southern Baptist, I spent a lot of time praying that the pastor wouldn't ask everyone to join hands for prayer. Sometimes it worked. This is also partly why I kissed so many boys--we couldn't hold hands!!
7. I've been told I have cute feet. I'd like to believe that. I do my own pedicures and often get compliments. Good thing I live where it's flip-flop weather year-round.
I tag...anyone who wants to participate!! :)

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