Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Bird is the word

Happy Hump Day! I'm "off" from "work" today so we slept in and I made myself some coffee and here I am.
So I'm a bird lover. One of my favorites is the Arizona state bird, the cactus wren.

My son is already a bird watcher and sees and hears them everywhere. When we eat outside, he loves to toss his leftovers for the birds.
And I'm LOVING this new bird trend!!! Some are funky, some whimsical but they're EVERYwhere and so fun! I love them all!! So I've had some ideas brewing in my head and since my craft junk is out, I thought I better make some birds.
These were the bigger ones (I added button eyes to the blue one from the previous post--duh!).

The blue and yellow one was definitely the prototype because I liked it so much, I wanted to make more. Then I remembered that I had a stash of two-sided, color-coordinated paper I hadn't used. The rest of the birds were brighter, cuter AND pretty from both sides!!
These two are smaller versions. My SIL came home and I showed her. She picked one up and said, "Fun!" then moved the wings and saw "fun" printed there and we laughed. I guess I picked the right word! She's taking one to fly around her cubicle at work.

These little guys were my next project. I made the template and played with it a little. These three are best buddies. My hubby said they look like they're sitting.

THEN he suggested moving the beak and eye to give them more of a "standing" appearance, just for funsies. So I did two of those (at the bottom). I find them all rather charming!!

What do you do with a bunch of cute little paper birds?? Here's one idea! :) I love tiny things, especially grass and flowers type stuff, so I cooked up this little beauty. It says "celebrate friends." See the button sun??

Then I wanted to experiment with these animal friends with the 3-D mouth for a baby gift tag. Does this look like a duck?? I wasn't sure what I was making but a duck is as close as I can guess!

I need the right colors--plus squiggly eyes, possibly--to really make a go of it. But it'll do!
I hope you have a creative day!!


hazel said...

What adorable little birds! I am tagging you to list 6 quirky things about yourself....
I hope you can participate! Hazel

lily eden said...

awww...i love those birdies!