Thursday, May 8, 2008


To report 6 quirky things about myself from Hazel at
1. I can't keep anything alive in my house except people. My husband has stopped buying me potted ANYthing, no matter how "easy." Silk all the way for me!!
2. Before I met my husband, I'd kissed around 35 guys (only one had been an actual boyfriend). But my husband had an "Our first kiss will be on our wedding day" rule. Talk about irony.
3. As a kindergartner in the south, my teacher reported to my mom that I wasn't able to pronounce the difference between "lion" and "line." I still have to correct myself sometimes.
4. I'm addicted to office supplies. It's genetic, passed on from my dad. Post-It notes, Sharpies of all colors, cute file folders, pretty paper, you name it. I can't walk down that aisle and not pick up something. We're getting a Staples within walking distance in the fall. That's where I'll be.
5. I'm currently a rep for two home-based businesses but have also been a consultant for three others. And I've hosted shows for yet three more plus two boutiques with thirteen vendors each!! I love the direct sales industry and buy from other direct sales consultants as much as possible.
6. I take my son on field trips to Target almost every week. He eats popcorn and I browse and shop. It's my little guilty pleasure.

Now let's see how quirky these bloggers are...
1. Stacy at
2. Katharine at
3. Lily Eden at

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Then I'll pick the three others.


Rules of play:
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lily eden said...

hello hello! That is so funny--I posted about Target today, too!

Hmmm....I'll hafta come up with 6 MORE things about me!

Check back soon....I'm gonna sleep on it!

hazel said...

Thanks so much for participating! Now, If I had a Target within walking distance... I'd have to move my studio into their restroom to get anything done!

Maureen said...

I love office supplies too. I think it is the little girl who loved school and the idea of All That New Stuff.

My former boss used to say NO!! Maureen, no more pens!!! when we put in a supply order. Pout.