Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!

I hope you all enjoyed your Mother's Day, being honored yourselves and honoring the mothers in your life.
We had a very enjoyable day today!
My parents attended church with us and my hubby and I got to attend a service together--a rare treat because one or the both of us are usually serving. A dear couple took our place in the two-year-olds class--what a blessing.
Why is there a picture of me with my car? Because for Mother's Day, my husband treated me (or my car, actually) to a much-needed wash, detailing, transmission flush and oil change. My main love language is "acts of service," so this one hit the mark! MUCH appreciated!! He got me a lovely card, too, that made me cry. Even better, he got a card for my mom from our son and even had him "sign it" (scribble inside) and surprised us both. He is soooo thoughtful. He also got me a "Princess" tag for my car! See it in the back window?? That's my dad and our home in the background--a rare glimpse!

My parents went to a dinner in a local orchard last night and brought me back this basket o' peaches, right off the trees! They also got me this adorable over-sized tea cup and saucer/planter with fresh basil. YUM! I'll try to keep it alive long enough to EAT it!

After church, my mom and I ran to the grocery store (OK, mosied) and got fixin's for lunch--sandwiches, cole slaw, pasta salad and "junky" dip and chips. And root beer, yum! Plus THIS CAKE with the butterfly on top. Mmmm.

I got my mom this beautiful card from my buddy at Lemon Tree Studio on Etsy--all the ladies in my family got different variations of this one. She loved it.

She also got this flip flop bag from Baffin Bags, another Etsy friend! Loved that, too!! She was going to use it as an occasional tote bag but liked it so much that she's using it as a purse!

And this will be the test of who actually gets to the end of these long posts...
it was a bittersweet day today, too, because I'm having complications with my pregnancy and will be going to the doctor tomorrow. We're praying for a miracle but only God knows at this point. Will keep you posted.
Hope you had a great day, too!!

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