Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday's Find

I'm on a budget, OK? So I gotta think ahead to the upcoming occasions and holidays so I can get things purchased and shipped on time, before I run out of money!
So my mind has turned to Father's Day and, naturally, Etsy never disappoints!! This is a super-cool "Me & Dad" album/scrapbook from my friend who made my Mother's Day cards, which were such a HUGE hit, I could've just sent the cards and they'd have been happy! Here's some of her pictures and here's the link. There's more pictures in her shop. Wouldn't it be so much fun to just add the pictures and captions?? What a sweet gift!!


Thank you, MsAzadi, for the help with the hyper link!! I finally did it!! :)


lily eden said...

you are just too too sweet! thank you for featuring the book! And, I'm doing my tag today---better late than never right?!

proudgrits11 said...

I even fixed the link! :)
have a fun friday!