Friday, May 2, 2008


It's hard work growing a baby and I haven't much to blog about with my craft projects going up in flames and very little time aside from sleeping. I've been napping to avoid the early-evening crash and so far, it's working. I am more tired than usual but otherwise, feeling well. Food continues to be iffy, with a McDs coffee drink that just didn't hit the spot like I thought it would and a pink-tinted meatloaf about putting me over the edge tonight. The package even said it would look pink due to the juices from the tomatoes, just looked raw. Oooooo. Yikes. Good thing the veggies and rice turned out fine.
What've I been doing, you ask? Besides taking care of my household, "working," and loving my, ah...spirited two-year-old?
Well, I did order this maternity tee from Etsy. It looks so comfy!! I hope it'll be fitted enough to wear now and last me throughout. I'm so glad the tent-like tops aren't "in" anymore!

Beyond that, I've been reading on-line about the safety of ultrasounds...checking out the obs on my hubby's insurance plan...setting up gift registries...adjusting our budget...catching up on e-mails...and I updated my Meez to be withOUT glasses (yeah, contacts!) and WITH a pregnant belly. Woo-hoo!!
Friday is my "day off" (from work, that is) and I have big plans. Yes, napping IS on my to-do list. So is:
1. talking to my student loan people
2. finishing the laundry
3. taking care of my laundry problem (including integrating my maternity clothes and putting away winter clothes)
4. going to Sam's Club for diapers and granola bars and, let's face it, something fun for myself
5. taking a load of baby gifts to our local crisis pregnancy center
6. sorting my cash for the month so I know what I have to spend on Etsy!! Heehee.
I need to call a few folks, too, and clear off my "hot spot" in the kitchen--the pile is growing!
So...I probably ought to hit the hay. It is after 1:00am. I wonder if my less tired days are due to somewhat less fetal development. Earlier in the week when I WAS tired, the baby's heart started beating!! That would take it out of ya! Maybe today is was more like tissues forming and...oh, who knows what??
I know I'm thinking TGIF. Not a lot going on this weekend but I definitely need to catch up with my hubby! Speaking of which, he's probably wondering where I am...

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lily eden said...

that shirt looks adorable! hope its comfy for you...and I hear ya on the sleeping! I remember days where i slept all day, only getting up to snack and then back to sleep, LOL!

p.s. what have you found on the ultra sounds and their safety? when i was pregnant, i had to have quite a few...