Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday bargains

HA! Instead of going out to find the bargains today, I hosted a yard sale of my OWN! We were surprised at how much we had to sell, once we got it all out there. Even as late as midnight last night, I was still going through closets and poking around under sinks to add items to the sale. The purging process feels sooooo good! I ended up selling about $225 worth all told, including quite a bit of jewelry (it's my home-based business but these items were major deals). Once I paid back what I bought in jewelry (so when I sell it now, it's pure profit), I still had about $80 to myself. Woo-hoo!! Most of that is ear-marked for my mother-daughter trip next weekend, when we go antiquing.
The stuff that was left is going to a friend's fundraiser rummage sale next weekend, so I feel like it's going to a good cause and saved me a trip to where I was going to donate all the leftovers. I'm SO glad to be rid of all my palm tree decor, the purple stuff I was saving for some future guest room and a slew of stuff I've had for WAY too long. The closet space now available is amazing and will allow me to get even more organized! I'm thrilled with how it went. I got a nice tan on my arms, too, and enjoyed visiting with neighbors and friends alike.
Now my mom is coming over to hang out and we're going to go shopping (I have gift cards) and to dinner so I'm super-excited. Good day...good day.
How was yours?? Any bargains??

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lily eden said...

sounds like you had a fun sale! I got burnt this weekend, not tan! ARGH! I was only out for 20 minutes!! yikes....
no other shopping for me this weekend--spent it with girlfriends from out of town!