Tuesday, June 3, 2008


This is what my dad wants for Father's Day, the "Knork." He's WAY into barbecuing and grilling and a big time carnivore so, hey, why switch back and forth from fork to knife when you can have both in one??

Their web site says, "In reality this beautiful utensil is unlike anything else on the market. And the proof is in the use. Incorporating critical modifications to the ages-old fork design, the KNORK® enables a user to both cut and spear food using only one utensil – and one hand."
Can I hear a collective "Oooooooo"? :)

I got the four-pack in the due-finish. Evidently, they'll be available online at Target.com soon! My dad actually makes fun of me because I cut all my meat up at once instead of cut, bite, cut, bite. So maybe I should've ordered a set for me, too!
Phew, I'm glad his gift is done. I saw a Nascar grilling book at Wal-Mart I'll probably get him, too.
Speaking of Wal-Mart, I went to get groceries (alone!!) last night and had to check out the $5 clearance clothing rack and, what's this?? A cute, classic sundress in an adorable print...for $5??? Yup, I took her home and she fits perfectly. A bit skimpy for church but perfect for weekends and date nights. They had it in solid black and solid white so for $10 for both, I may go back! I love a bargain!

And here's the fabric close up. My favorite colors!! My DH said, "Oh, are we going to go live on a farm?" Good one, Honey.


Songbirdtiff said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. As for the design it came from http://www.simplyfabulousbloggertemplates.com

She's awesome.

Anonymous said...

hi tabs! that is soo funny--that knife/fork thingy--what will they come up with next?? sheesh! and that dress ia adorable! whata great find!! why is it too skimpy for church?? Who's to be judging you? I think it probably for sure looks soooo cute and fabulous on you!! enjoy your day!! *hugs*

Susie Harris said...

Cute dress! I just bought two myself a few weeks back. Susie H

The Nester said...

all you need is a knork and a spork and you would be set for life!

ps--i loved your comment at my blog.

I mean, i totally hated your comment.

The Nester said...

duh, okay you are not 3 different people are you? I replied via etsy and now, yes, link to your heart is content!

thank you!