Thursday, June 5, 2008

On a mission

OK, I have maybe six good hours this weekend to explore all the shops and antique stores in Glendale, AZ while on my mother-daughter trip this Saturday and Sunday. So! Besides the usual items (aprons, children's books, anything botanical, etc.), here are the specific items I'm looking for and the corresponding projects. Of course, any and all feedback is appreciated (except anything mean about my laundry room).
1. The Laundry Room. THE most neglected "room" in our home. Yes, it needs paint. Since I still love purple and all things lavender but don't really want it in the rest of the house, I'm thinking purple in here. I, of course, need to clear it out and reorganize but...
UPDATE!!!! I already did the above mentioned clear out and reorganize, less sweeping and mopping, which I will do tonight along with the kitchen!! It looks so good!! I even hung a framed, dried lavender arrangement I was going to get rid of! It looks so much better already! I have decided that I'm not going to "decorate" it much, since only I would see it. Well, and my SIL that comes through from the garage. But, still, I'd like it to look pretty from the hall!! ANYway...
...I'd also like storage bins for the shelf and possibly a display shelf on the opposite wall, just for fun. I already have a purple wood shelf, oddly enough, that I never used in our master bedroom. I'd love some vintage laundry accessories, too, especially a wood painted "LAUNDRY" sign.

I'd like something like this to be hung on the door in the hallway.

2. An architectural piece for above this picture. This is our entry hall right when you walk in. The photo is of our engagement (that our wedding guests signed) but the niche is HUGE, so it doesn't come close to filling it. I like displaying seasonal goodies on the ledge below but feel like there's still a lot of negative space. I'm picturing a swirly, arched piece, possibly wood. Black or dark wood would be perfect.

3. Pieces to round out above my kitchen cabinets. I've been working on this project off and on for almost a year!! I cleared quite a bit out for my recent yard sale but need a few things to create more coherent vignettes. Maybe more white ware?? More art pieces?? More greenery?? Fake food??

Here's the other side. The wine bottles are being recycled. This is where I took a lot down so, yeah, it's sparse.
4. Above the potty in the guest bathroom. I just redecorated this room but I'm taking my time with the finishing touches. I can picture a run-of-the-mill wicker shelf, painted black...but I'm open to suggestions. Something small with a little display space??
So we'll see what kind of progress I make. I may go ahead and start on the laundry room while my boy is sleeping. I wonder how often Home Depot has purple "oops paint??"


frillsfluffandtrucks said...

I think more large scale white pieces of pottery/pitchers/etc would look great above your kitchen cabinets.

By the way, the gift for your dad is hilarious! Way better than the spork!

~ Sarah

lily eden said...

hi tab---i too have glassware/pottery above my cabinets in the kitchen...and I love orchids, so i have a few fakes up there since its too hard to water real ones so high up!

as for your "polka dots tot" idea...sooo cute let's talk!

Oh, and be sure to chime in for a friday freebie!!


Anonymous said... that niche where your engagement pic is, you could also do some sort of faux finish, accent color, or even wallpaper. It's a small area, it would be quick and easy, and would break up the wall and make the pic stand out. Love the wall color! Just a thought! :)