Friday, June 13, 2008

Goodwill to Women

Is YOUR local Goodwill having their "Half Price Saturday" this Saturday?? The ones in the Phoenix Valley are!! EVERYthing is half price!!
We were at Goodwill last weekend in a different part of town and had a blast, but there were a few items that Mom and I passed on, saying, "That can wait for a half-price day." It'd hard to pay $6 when you can pay $3!!
Our closest store isn't actually very good, just because it sits in a strange part of town. There are plenty more within even ten miles, so I'm going to be mapping out a few and heading out early Saturday morning. I'm looking for a glass dome, a cool container to corral my husband's wallet and keys and a few other random things. In the valley where it's 100 degrees even by 8:00am, Goodwill being air conditioned is just another major perk! It's like a giant indoor garage sale! I'm SO there!

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