Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A not-so-normal Tuesday night

My dad loved his knorks!!! He was all impressed that I actually tracked them down. My mom called last night to report that they used them with pork chops and they worked great. This may be my go-to gift for hard-to-buy-for men from now on!!

But on to last night.
A "normal" weeknight consists of my hubby and I passing each other as one rushes to a meeting or social obligation and the other stays home with our son. Last night afforded us a night "off," so we enjoyed a quiet dinner together...

...then he played his new video game and I made some cards and enjoyed the cup of coffee that I never had in the morning while our son "painted" next to me.

I needed two sympathy cards so it was challenging to find non-celebratory sentiments to use! They're not spectacular but they'll do. I'm at the end of this set of blank cards--the next set will be smaller because I find these hard to fill up.

Then after his bath, my son decided to try on these black heels--and headed straight to the front door, saying, "Mommy, go bye-bye in the car?" My hubby asked, "Where does he think he's going, a drag party?" Yup, diaper and heels. That'd be quite the party.

I hope you had a relatively "normal" night, too!
P.S. I think he has my legs.


Sarah Mae said...

I love when my daughter puts on my heels and walks around, it's so cute! I think it's hilarious that your son is doing it - and I'm sure he has your legs, even though I have no idea what you legs look like! :)

Sarah Mae said...

Heck yea, link away (you're making me feel so special!) :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! THat is hilarious!!! I can't wait for LIly to start tromping around in my heels!! TOo cute