Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Seize the mess

May as well make more cards as long as the mess is all over the dining room table and the hubby is out late!!
My hubby got me the sticky little gel-like "signs" for Christmas--this is my first time using them.
"Believe" for my mom. She loves flip-flops. I love how these colors and papers coordinate. Yummy.

"Happy" for whomever. I put thread through a button for the first time--me likes!!

And "Friend" for my boss/neighbor/friend. She likes polka dots like I do.

It's not even 6:00 so I've got a few hours--I'm gonna see what else I can churn out! :)


Lonely Paul said...


Mod Girl said...

Wow, you make some beautiful cards! Love all the color.

Anonymous said...

awesome tabs! I'm so happy you got some good use out of the flip flop paper! YAY!! They're all so awesome--isn't crafting grand??