Saturday, June 14, 2008

Putting the 'Good' back in 'Goodwill'

Ok, I apologize, Goodwill. Even after I bad-mouthed you, you were still good to me and gave me almost everything on my list and at great prices. I will not doubt you again.
My SIL and I almost didn't go--but I'm sure glad we did!! We went to the one closest to us (it was HOT today) just 2 miles away and got some great deals.
This made it worth going out: this is almost the identical cheese plate/glass dome I passed up last weekend, saying I'd wait for half-price day!! I got it for $3!!!! SCORE!! Besides being a fun way to display cheese and crackers (the base is teak!), I plan to use the dome on my good china plates to jazz up tea party fare or I can picture it in my front room with a bird's nest under it, like a cloche. You can't even find the dome for less than $10 retail so I was thrilled, and SO glad I waited. Gotta follow your intuition, I guess!!

I also wanted to snag a bathing suit cover-up for a couple poolside events coming up. All I had in mind was a light tunic top in white or a pretty color--and there ya go! I think it was $1.50. LOVE the color and there's even some pretty detailing on the sleeve and neck. Nice.

Here's another item I was hunting for: a cool container for my hubby to chuck his keys, wallet and iPod into when he gets home from work. Kinda unique and not too feminine. He liked it. $1.

Then for 50 cents each, I couldn't resist these little metal miniatures: one a tea pot, one a bird cage. I figure they'll come in handy for tablescapes and centerpieces and whatnot. I could even put a votive candle in the tea pot. Cute!

Even grabbed these nice books for $1.50 each. I believe the "Swell" book is the same people behind the Swell line at Target??

UPDATE!! Here's the stuff my sweet hubby hung from last weekend.
This is the updated (but unfinished) version of the laundry room: my new "Laundry" sign and, see in the background? The washing board hanging by the garage door. I changed my mind--I want this room to be a darker, more neutral color to suit the rest of the house. Maybe even brown. Booor-iiiing, right? Oh, well. I want it to be sort of an "old-fashioned" laundry room. I may string up some vintage linens or something. My hubby is also planning to add a pole so I can hang stuff. Always a work in progress, right??

And here's the $15 vintage shelf for above the potty.

And its contents. Notice the $1.50 aqua Mason jar from last weekend. The rest I already had, including the $3 lantern from Target. I must like aqua cuz I had a lot! And my shells from Florida.

Can't wait to see what you guys did this weekend--leave me a comment if you have anything worth sharing so I can check it out!!


frillsfluffandtrucks said...

You found some good stuff, I'm impressed! My nearest Goodwill is 25 minutes away and doesn't have much--it is the only one around so it gets very picked over.

~ Sarah

Vanessa said...

You've put the thrift bug in me again! I love seeing how you pull it all together and make everything work. Looks great! I have a ton of thrift things around here but lately I have been sewing little pouches for my etsy:) I will have to do a post just on thrift finds though.

lily eden said...

cute cute stuff you found, Tab! I love goodwill, but I hate taking Lily there with me! I usually wait until daddy can have her for a few hours and then I go too all 4 of them I have closeby....oh, and Savers, and Salvation Army, and St. thrifting!!

Tricia Anne said...

So neat! I found the very same cheese/cracker plate and top. At least it looks just like it! I am enjoying visiting your blog this evening, now that I have a little more time. :o)
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne