Friday, August 8, 2008

Anniversary Report

I should celebrate six years of marriage more often!!

Over the weekend, my hubby and I had a lovely date--a good ol' dinner and a movie. We went to Logan's Steakhouse then saw the 3D version of "Journey to the Center of the Earth." That movie was a blast!! It was such a nice night. We vowed to do it more often, too, especially since our sitter was my mom!

Then on our actual anniversary, I cooked dinner (pasta with sausage, zucchini and tomatoes) then he and I headed to Starbucks. The cashier rung us up and my hubby asked her, "Can you guess why we're here?" She looked at us and said, "Hmm. Anniversary??" I was like, "Wow!" He says, "Wanna guess how many years??" She goes, "Six!" I'm like, "Wow, you're good!" I was impressed!!

So we ordered two drinks and two yummies to try and she said the pastries were on the house. How nice!! Then when my hubby went to get a fork, he returned with two bouquets of flowers!! Heehee. See?? He still surprises me!! Come to find out, the barista was in on it, of course. But it was still funny!!

So I divided and arranged all the flowers--now I get to enjoy them from all over!!

Here's a bouquet in my favorite vase...

then a more "farm house" arrangement (you can see the card I made him, too, but it's hard to make out)...

and the purple ones.

My SIL watched our son while we were gone and when we got home, we realized she'd had a trick up her sleeve, too. Our coffee maker has been exceedingly slooooow lately and my mom had been recommending this very coffee maker! And my SIL she got it for us!! She can make it when she gets up and it'll still be hot (but not burned!!) when my hubby and I get up . Woo-hoo!!!

A very nice anniversary, indeed. Here's to another six years!!

P.S. And for good measure, here's a lovely shot of the morning sun coming through the front window and illuminating my new bird cage!! :)

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