Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday's Find

PHEW!! Busy week!!! But last night, I met with my discipleship buddy/mentor at Starbucks, conveniently (but sometimes unfortunately) located next to two of my top-ten favorite stores: Target and Michael's. I left Michael's to find a storm brewing so I headed home without doing my usual Target run. Bummer.
BUT! Score!!!

I have a black thumb. I love a nice, faux flower arrangement and I've been eyeing this since it first came out, priced at $19.99. It was out front of Michael's, priced at $5.99!! Now, THAT, I can do!!
I've always loved a nice kitchen windowsill with herbs growing in little pots. Well, my kitchen faces the dining area, no window. This is going on the counter above my kitchen sink.

Then, I looked through s'more clearance bins and found all these goodies, all priced at...50 cents each!!! Notepad and pen, stickers, magnets, cute!! my utter delight...I found this "Sasha" paper pack!!! Randomly placed on an end-of-aisle display, and the only one I saw! I bought some of this paper from a gal on Etsy--just ten or so sheets--and fell in love with it!! I've never seen it since and told her to let me know when she got more.
Then I found this whole, humongous pack of it!! Woo-hoo!!! Oooooh, the cards I can make, the scrap booking pages I can create!!! (insert drool here)

Now here's my newest paper from Shelly over at

Lemon Tree Studio

She made me the butterflies and flowers, too. My new stickers coordinate nicely, eh?? I'm gonna have me some fun this weekend!!
Black and white, a new combo for me...Cuuuuute!!

And this summery goodness, with bug stickers.

And these are just plan pretty. I'll figure out a way to jazz it up.

My hubby is hosting for a UFC fight this weekend. I may opt out and head to my mom's house for a crafting session! :)

Hope you have a super Friday!!

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Just me.....Shelly said...

Ohhh it looks so good tab!! i wish we could craft together with our huge cuppa joe's!!!