Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Art project (and dilemma!!)

Ok. I love AQUA. I want more of it in my home's all-over color scheme. It works beautifully with my existing colors of sage green and paprika--when done well!!

I'd seen this project elsewhere as an easy way to add affordable, colorful, customized artwork to your walls--and I finally gave it a go.

1. I started with a 12x12 canvas and painted it "Caribbean Blue," just with acrylic paint.

2. Then I found this pack of scrap booking paper, which have all my home's colors (WITH aqua), plus some brown and yellow. I adore it. Funky, flowery and CUTE!

I selected my favorite papers...

and traced circles on them using a small flower pot. I tried not to get them all centered, to give it a more funky look.

3. I then carefully cut my circles out.

4. I then laid them out in a pleasing pattern and took a look. See the one bottom, center? I felt like the flower was too...centered.

So I traced and cut out a new one. Aaaaahhhh, that's better!

5. THEN I made sure I liked the layout and glued them on one by one. I did end up rotating a few slightly. And here's the final result:

Now here's my dilemma. HELP ME!! :)

I do love this piece!! I wanted to try it to see if it was, in fact, EASY and if I liked it. Now I want to finish the job.

#1. Should I go over it with a clear top coat?? I'm thinking I should. Spray it on or with a brush??

Here is one of the two spots I'm considering for hanging it/them. It's replacing a much larger piece. You see this spot from everywhere--it's on the wall between the den doors and the living room.

#2. This space needs MORE. And I like stuff hung in odd numbers, so I'm going for a little trio.

I like this 12x12 size. Should I adhere entire sheets of the same 12x12 paper to two canvases and hang them together with the circle one...or make two more circle ones????

I've got plenty of paper and I do love it. I also love the aqua color of the paint.

Any feedback is appreciated!!

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