Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I asked myself... I shopping just to have something to post about??? :)

Heehee. NO!! I remind myself that I don't get out much, so I need to seize opportunities to bargain-hunt, which is what MY "shopping" is.
So. Last night, my parents watched our son for a couple hours so I could browse through their Super Target and Michael's.

I got this paper, canvas and paint for a lil' project I'll be posting about soon. I'll just say this: it's my creative attempt to bring more aqaua into my home's over-all color scheme.

Michael's also had these stamps for $1.00. I bought one before and it works fine, so...for a buck, why not??? Two are "thinking of you" and the other says "charmed, I'm sure."

Then today my boss needed to dash into Target for a few things to I got my son some popcorn and stayed in the scrap booking/album aisle the whole time!! They had a ton of stuff on clearance so if you're in the market for anything (especially summer), it's worth a trip. Most of it was 30% to 50% off.

My best find was envelopes. Boring, huh??? :) I sometimes use cards from matching cards-n-envelope sets, but frequently I just use the papers I love, which leaves me envelopeless. So I've got stacks of fab cards with no envelopes--which makes them rather useless, really.

These sets of ten envelopes were $1.18. I got white, off-white, pink and silver. I went ahead and got a few matching cards for $0.98 each, just to have on hand. Course, that just makes my card-to-envelope ratio WORSE, but a bargain's a bargain!!

This paper pack is the sister of my FAVORITE paper--these are meant for mounting photos so some of them have a border, but the other 90% is totally useable for my card-making. $1.98!!! It's nice, thick card-stock, too. This paper was the most popular pick from my card-giveaway so ladies must like it. Good enough for me!!

Now these are for scrap booking. The top stuff is totally boyish, and I got the stickers to match for scrap booking my son's pictures. The bottom is girly, perfect for scrap booking my tea parties. Such fun stuff!!

PHEW!! Lots of crafting to be done!!

What cool stuff are you spotting while out and about this week???

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