Wednesday, August 13, 2008

DIY Art project

If you're here from "We Are THAT Family," welcome!! This is my latest DIYP!

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***Here's the final result!!!*** (click below)

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Here's what I did with the canvas, paint and paper I'd previously mentioned.

I love AQUA. I want more of it in my home's all-over color scheme. It works beautifully with my existing colors of sage green and paprika--when done well!!

I'd seen this project elsewhere as an easy way to add affordable, colorful, customized artwork to your walls--and I finally gave it a go.

1. I started with a 12x12 canvas and painted it "Caribbean Blue," just with acrylic paint.

2. Then I found this pack of scrap booking paper, which have all my home's colors (WITH aqua), plus some brown and yellow. I adore it. Funky, flowery and CUTE!

I selected my favorite papers...

and traced circles on them using a small flower pot. I tried not to get them all centered, to give it a more funky look.

3. I then carefully cut my circles out.

4. I then laid them out in a pleasing pattern and took a look. See the one bottom, center? I felt like the flower was too...centered.

So I traced and cut out a new one. Aaaaahhhh, that's better!

5. THEN I made sure I liked the layout and glued them on one by one. I did end up rotating a few slightly. And here's the final result:

I'm realizing that one of these isn't going to fill the wall I was trying to spruce up. I'm thinking I need a trio.

Whaddaya think...three with circles, each painted a slightly different aqua hue?? Two with circles, one perhaps with a monogram?? Two with just a solid sheet of pretty paper??

Also, does this bad boy need to be sealed??

Any feedback is appreciated!!


Just me.....Shelly said...

WHatta cute idea, tab! i would use matte modge podge....or theres a glossy kind too....whatever your fancy. and then, yes, i would add 2 full page canvases....and modge pogde sure to post when you're done!

Sophia (adventures of brown) said...

I love this!! That aqua color is gorgeous. I'm glad you did this project - I had the most fun with it and also plan on making many more.
I would make two more circles and use coordinating (but not the same) paper and hang them in a trio. I also do a lot of the odd numbers and trio bunching in my home.
Thanks for the bargin tips. I am going to hit my Targets this week and Michaels has a scrapbook paper sale 4 for $1.

Mojavi said...

i would def go over it with a matte or gloss clear acrylic coating...

totally cute idea!

denise gisele said...

All I know is that this is a SUPER cute idea. I love it!!! It looks awesome too. I think hanging them in a trio is the best way to go. I'd love to see what you end up doing.

We are THAT Family said...

This is a great color and I love the idea! Very cute.

I discovered this awesome product called Diamond Glaze for sealing things, you could also add Decopauge.

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Adorable! I've seen similar things done with fabric, but never paper. You've inspired me to use my ever growing stash of scrapbook paper!

As far as advice, I have none. I just copy people's stuff . . . I'm not an original - lol.

Natalie said...

very clever idea! maybe you could do two more with other geometric shapes and the same aqua color background. like cut diamonds and triangles for the other two.

Jai said...

Really nice idea!