Sunday, August 17, 2008


My art trio is done and hung. I still have to clear coat the flowered one but I was so excited to show you that I went ahead and hung them!!

My hubby suggested the "D" go in the middle and I like it!!

If you're a regular, you'll remember the circle project from

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I wanted a trio to hang in this spot so I had to figure out what to do with the other two canvases. They're 12x12, by the way, and I had better luck at JoAnn's with finding them.

I painted them two different shades of aqua first, using cheap-o acrylic paint.

Then I ended up doing some abstract painting on the flower one to sorta-kinda-match the floral paper on the circle one. I used a pencil but once I got the hang of the foam brush, it was easy enough to free-hand it.

It certainly falls under the "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful" category but that's what makes it MINE!! :)

I wanted the third one to be more...plain?? So I thought a monogram (for our last name) would work, so I painted it brown and polka dotted it (with my finger!!).

I realized in the earlier picture that the "D" looks one-dimensional. It's an actual wood letter, painted. You can see it better this way.

I may end up making some of these for gifts. So fun and way cute!!

I used Mod Podge, by the way, on everything. I even glued the "D" on with it!!

Here's another angle. I even did one side red! :)

And now my little trio is certainly is an eye-catcher--and it's so bright and cheery!!

PLEASE let me know if you try anything similar so I can check it out! Now I'm inspired to do MORE painting!!

P.S. I wanted to make sure to credit my inspiration!!

Sophia at Adventures of Brown

Simple Mom

Mt. Hope Chronicles


Pink Lemonade Bags said...

They turned out great! Thanks for sharing how you made them!

We are THAT Family said...

I LOVE it! Great job.

Natalie said...

great job! very cheerful!

Brown said...

Wow! I love it!! I love the polka dots & the freehand flowers are adorable! (I could never do that!)

Thanks for the sweet words about my cards - I had tons of fun with it. I'm looking forward to doing more as soon as I'm feeling a little better.

I cannot thank you enough for your feedback and tutorials!! Looking forward to more!

Heidi said...

What a fun trio of art projects to hang together. I'm loving the bold colors. You did an awesome job!

letters to elijah said...

What fun! I love them! Simple and fun :)

Kiley said...

What a happy way to adorn a it! I did something similar in my daughter's room with five 12x12 canvases. Her room is painted pink and brown so I painted the canvases brown and used die-cut letters to spell out her name. How fun huh?

Krissy said...

Hey! Those are TOOO CUTE! I'd love to do something like that for my daughter's room when we move.. How did you do them??

new every morning said...

Oh they are so fun!
Love the colors you used!

So chic!

letters to elijah said...

Love it! Where did you get the 12x12 boards from?