Monday, August 18, 2008


...when I walked into a Target store back in the late 1990s, didn't I run right back out, go home and buy stock in the company???? If only.
These are my most recent acquisitions. The $10 tote bag is made from organic cotton and will be useful for work since #1, it'll hold the sippy cups, books, toys, snacks and shoes I "tote" around and #2, it'll hide coffee stains. Why do my travel mugs always leak??

Anyway, my mom bought the owl pj bottoms for me for my upcoming retreat this weekend. I mean, seriously. Could they BE any cuter???

I love the contrasting cuff and the way it buttons. Adorable!!


Brown said...

I love that bag - so adorable!!

Kiley said...

I think your Target is better than my Target!!! I was just in there this past weekend and didn't see those way cute jammies. Often times I find super cute stuff at and wind up ordering it because I can never find the same stuff in-store. Love the bag too!

Just me.....Shelly said...

omg! i just got those pj's was gonna blog on them!! cute!!

and the pics look fabulous!! great job! and the best? my beeeeautiful cards that i got in the mail!! thank you thank you soo so much, i just adore them!!

Krissy said...

Those pants!!! That bag!!!!! SOOOO FREAKIN CUTE!!!!

new every morning said...

I heart Target!!!

I'm in serious need of pajamas ... hmmm.
They're adorable!

Mojavi said...

so cute!

oh and I love your finished art project!!

Tricia Anne said...

What adorable finds! To have something new for your get away is fun! :o)
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne