Thursday, August 14, 2008

The birds and the bees (and butterflies!)

I do have a card-making/stamping tutorial coming soon for the one of you that requested it! :)

In the meantime, here's what I whipped up this evening to photograph my tutorial, using some of my favorite paper. These 10 pink cards and envelopes were about $2.20 total from the Target clearance section. Oh, yeah!! I love the size--very easy to design.

Notice my new $1 topiary "thinking of you" stamp! I made a variety of cards, figuring I'll make these a giveaway soon! :)

Now I feel like I accomplished something today. Well, in addition to the usual dishes, cleaning, cooking, taking care of our son, working...


Brown said...

I cannot wait for the tutorial!! I purchased many of the same stamps you did from the $1 section at my Michaels. Unfortunately, my Targets did not have a wonderful selection on paper or scrapbooking supplies. Neither did Michaels, for that matter. But I did purchase a lot of stuff (about 40 pages of scrapbooking paper) and lots of stamps and stickers, etc. Hopefully, I purchased all the right things! lol

Looking forward to it!

Vanessa said...

GORGEOUS! I love the paper you use!!