Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sincerely 'Fro Me to You--Bathing Beauty

YES, I'm finally giving in and participating in this!! GOSH!! Peer pressure, you gotta love it!!

I'm following Kristin's lead here with the Bathing Beauty theme. Brave, huh??

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We Are THAT Family

Ok, this picture is marked 1991, making me 14 years old. My dad is a car guy so I think the yellow Corvette was a loaner from a man we attended church with, who owned a Corvette dealership. I imagine I was sun bathing that particular day and someone suggested taking a picture with the car--like one of those manly auto magazines (except I didn't drape myself over the hood, I just scowled). My father was a pastor, for Pete's sake--so who let me do this?? Oh, well, it's harmless, I suppose.

MAN, I was long and lean!! What I wouldn't give for those abs now!!

Fun times.


D... said...

Look at you looking all glamorous! :)

Thank you for visiting me!

Brown said...

Oh dear. Just the fact that your father was a pastor and the car belongs to a church friend is just the bee's knees!

Thanks for posting!!

jennifer said...

Everything about that screams eighties. I should know - I was there too!

I agree with Brown. The "rest of the story" just makes this that much better!

Welcome to the fun on Thursday! I think you did a great job jumping right in!!

Two thumbs WAY up!


Anonymous said...

I agree - knowing you're a pastor's kid is the best part of the story. And you're in a two piece? Scandalous I tell ya!

Muthering Heights said...

Woah, look at you, little rebel!

Katharine said...

I so remember those days:)We thought we were so cool.