Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bargain card-making

First of all, I wrote this weekend's post ahead of time. I'm with my church's women's leadership team on our annual retreat to a cabin about three hours north of town. I'm so excited!!!

As a little gifty for the ladies, and to go along with my devotion, I used double-sided paper and yarn or ribbon to make them each a bookmark. I stamped a scripture verse and a flower or butterfly on one side...

...and the scripture from my devotional on the back.

Then I made one of these sheep cards (we call ourselves E.W.E. for "Extraordinary Women Everyday") for a thank you for our hostess then figured I should just make one for each lady!! I thought up adding the hat later and it cracked me up--so all of them got hats!! Heehee. Silly...but cute. I did grass and some got a sun, then I added flowers, bugs, whatever. They charm me!!

Nothin' like crafting on the cheap!!

Which brings me to...this set of eight polka dot cards and pink envelopes were $1 at Target, as was the set of coordinating ribbon. They're cute as-is, but naturally, they're even cuter when you "jazz them up."

So I found some card stock to match and whipped out my stamps and black ink. I added the ribbon and attached it by stapling it! Wild, huh?? :)

I made a variety, mostly generic. I know two little girls with birthdays soon so I made them cards, since these are so girly.

I love it that the envelopes aren't white, too.

So be on the look-out for affordable cards and envelopes--especially if they coordinate with the paper, stamps and embellihsments you already have!!

Happy crafting!!


Brown said...

I bought those same cards from the $1 section at Target!! They also had plaid ones in similar colors - I bought those, too. I didn't see the ribbon, though. I will go back to check it out.
Thanks for your sweet words about my cards. You truly inspire me. :-)
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Krissy said...

I never thought about jazzin up the 1$ cards from target!!! You smart cookie, you! That's just plain brilliant! I LOVE those! I need some new stamps ... I should make a run to Hobby Lobby while I'm home visiting family! :)