Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy Anniversary... ME!
My husband and I are celebrating 6 years of marriage today!!
I met his sister (who now lives with us, and has for five years) in college back in January of 2001. We hit it off and both became RAs that fall. As we got to know each other better, she said, "I think you and my brother would get along."

So, I accompanied her to Thanksgiving at their aunt and uncle's house...he and I began a long-distance relationship...were engaged three months from the day we met...were married in 2002...and went to Thanksgiving the next year MARRIED!!
And, wow, has six years flown by.

Here we are on our wedding day...

...and on date night in May.

Ten things I love about my hubby (I'm limiting myself here--the list could go on):
1. He gives me the freedom to be myself--the best and the worst.
2. He's the perfect mix of intelligence, wit and sensitivity.
3. He still surprises me. He sneaks up on me, yes, but he also surprises me with his insight and caring.
4. He's an excellent father, far beyond my expectations.
5. He treats everyone with kindness.
6. He thinks I'm beautiful. Like, even first thing in the morning. And no matter my weight. And even when I'm hugely pregnant! Amazing.
7. He's snuggly.
8. He loves the Lord.
9. He's so handsome and manly :)
10. He's perfect for me (and, frankly, I'm perfect for him, too).

I love you, Sweety!!!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on you special day. This is Bev from Drew's work. If only you knew half the things he says. We have been keeping a log her at the office for you. I think he has you snowed. Can't wait to meet you in November or sooner. Again congratulations and thinks the world of you. It is nice to see this.