Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Don't like it? Change it!

Dr. W. Sears uses this philosophy for parenting, only he says, "If you resent it, change it." I saw it again on the "I'm an Organizing Junkie" blog today (link below)

Organizing Junkie

Laura also said..."Start with one thing at a time, just don’t keep doing what you’ve always done and except different results. It just doesn’t work that way. If we take a little time to really look at our situations and do a little planning and practice a little (or maybe a lot) of discipline, we CAN change the behaviors or areas that drive us insane and cause our homes to be out of balance."

Well, I did something about this one!!

So I thought I'd share!!

We have a shoe problem. We don't wear shoes in the house. My hubby, son and I park in the driveway and come in through the front door so the entryway has become a huge shoe depository. It resembles the bottom of a closet.
I've half-heartedly tried a few solutions, including baskets and crates, and even a hanging shoe storage bag inside the hall closet--all to no avail. Shoes scattered everywhere, all the time. I found myself fuming over this, especially since it's the first thing people see when they come in the front door!! EEEEEKKKK!!!

So it was time to deal with it. It was time to go to IKEA.

My SIL lives with us and comes in through the garage. She has more shoes than the other three of us put together. I'd probably have her beat if my job wasn't taking care of toddlers. But I digress.
ANYway, she got the $9.99 wood rack to go inside the laundry room door for her shoes. My hubby's shoes are huge, aren't they?? They'll be moving up front, which should free up plenty of space for my SIL's little size 8.5 heels.

Then putting this shoe rack together almost put me over the edge. IKEA's illustrations for how to put stuff together leave something to be desired. Lining up all those poles in all those holes was maddening. It took me half an hour and three temper tantrums to get it finished.
But it looks good!! I only wear about three pairs of shoes all week, as does my hubby, so we should be in good shape. The rest are in the shoe storage bag in the closet, or in our bedroom closet. Our son's shoes and the "throw them on to water the yard or grab the mail shoes" are in the basket.

Mission accomplished. Now even if it does get out of control, at least I have a system in place. I don't feel completely annoyed and resentful about it. Hooray!!

Now I'm on to my next organizing project. I call it "The Dump."

It's where everything gets dumped because it's just inside the front door. Our new alarm system key pad is installed over the two hooks where I use to hang my bags. Grrr!! I've got my purse plus my "day bag" for "work," so I'm constantly switching stuff back and forth, and switching out new toys and reading material, etc. I've got books that need to find a home on the nearby bookcase, stuff to take to church, pool/swimming paraphanalia that gets toted all over the place and all sorts of other stuff that comes in and out of the house.
PHEW!! The whole hall closet probably needs an overhaul, then it could house some of this stuff.
It's always somethin', huh? :)

Nothing like a little bloggy accountability to get your bum in gear, huh??? :) I did clear out The Dump--and actually put the stuff away and even cleaned out my bags. While I was at it, I revamped the whole corner (which was stacked with boxes and various things), too. AAaaaaaahhh....
I do need a solution for my bags--I don't like them just sitting there. I may need to relocate my precious hooks. That's the next project!

***Update #2!!***

If you came from "I'm an Organizing Junkie," I wanted to add more shots of the entryway to satisfy your curiosity. Well, and to show off a little because I love how it looks right now! :)

Coming in the door...

And from the Morning Room. That's my other organizational tool--the cork board/message center. Our keys go there, plus coupons or other papers that need to leave with us. I love it!

Hope this inspires you some!! Please leave a comment so I can come over to visit!!


Sophia (Adventures of Brown) said...

OOOhhhh Ikea. (swoon)
We just got one here in South Florida last year and let me tell you, it's been a new addiction since then. I have re-decorated sevearl areas of my home with Ikea (in fact, in my last blog post about organizing; all the wonderful containers came from there).
I used to make my husband build stuff until my mother remarried a saint who loves to do that stuff. We're so lucky.

(PS - Thanks for the blog comment! I've added you to my blog roll so I can keep up! :-) )

MoonMaidenSoap said...

Oh gosh! We have shoes like that all over the floor here. We even have cubbies (30 of them!) for shoes. The only problem is ... everyone has sandals, flip flops, sneakers, etc. And my little's feet are not so, um, little anymore. My oldest son's shoes each need their OWN cubbie (one shoe per hole). They're not big cubbies. ANYWAY, with 9 of us in this house, the cubbies aren't enough. I might have to check out those shoe racks. I find myself muttering about shoes a lot these days.

And "the dump" ... LOL! Have that here, too. Time to get some organizing done, I'd say.

Enjoy the day!


Org Junkie said...

Yay!! Great solution! Just think how much frustration you just saved yourself, love it!

Katharine said...

Hey Tab,
I was so proud to see you mentioned on OrgJunkie, I love her site and she mentioned me friend:) K

Joe Girl said...

Hello there!

I just mopped out my mudroom and am dreading putting all those shows back on the floor. Love your ideas... Sounds like a trip to IKEA is in order! Woo Hoo!

Found your blog via "I'm an Organizing Junkie"... LOVE IT!

Joe Girl

Mojavi said...

very cute.. always nice to read about an attachment mommy :)

erincraig said...

Found you via OrgJunkie. Love what you have done with the space! I really like the pictures right when you enter in the door. Makes me want to come in and visit!

Whitney said...

So the wooden shoe rack is from IKEA...where is the black shoe rack from?