Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday's Find

Gold Canyon candles!!

Need to fallify your home with the scent of pumpkin pie, cinnamon, crisp apples or cloves cooking on the stove? Then indulge!! And, no, I'm not a rep--just a big fan!! :)

They're a local company in the southeast Phoenix valley city of Chandler. My mom and I fell in love with them in 1998, when we sold them at the Hallmark store where we both worked. People walked in and said, "What's that smell??" We sold a lot of those candles. I keep at least one burning almost at all times in my home. People frequently comment on how good my house smells!!

Now they're a direct sales company and only available through a rep or from the company web site.

They are heavenly! They have two wicks, too, so they burn nice and evenly. I have never smelled a fragrance I don't like. Their holiday lines are fantastic. My rep convinced me to always buy the biggest size--you can always put it away until the next year and the price difference in minimal!

My favorite for fall is "Mulled Harvest" and my holiday favorite is "Cozy Christmas." I also keep their auto fresheners in my car at all times--"Fresh Orange" is my favorite.

Here's the deal. Once you go Gold Canyon, you never go back to cheap-o, generic jar candles. These are superior in every way. Their tea lights are also fabulous--they are in a clear container so the color shows through your candle holder!

Hop on over to their web site--shipping is only $5.95! You can view the entire catalog on-line!!

Trust me, you'll be hooked!!

Gold Canyon Candles web site


Julie said...

They are by far the best candles EVER!!!! A friend from AZ gave us one and from there on I was hooked. Thanks for the link... can't beat the shipping. Off to shop and smell up my house (in a good way)!

Krissy said...

OOoooooh! Off to go check them out as soon as I'm done updating myself on your blog. lol :D

the undomesticated wife said...

I've not heard of those...

I love a good apple scented candle!

Tabi said...

Come on over to my something for you!