Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sincerely 'Fro Me to You...BFFs

I'd like you to meet Katharine, my BFF from waaaay back in 5th grade! She reads this blog and I know she knew she'd end up here eventually, because we had our pictures taken so frequently back in "the good ol' days!!"

This first shot is marked 1990. That's my mom's shirt but I'm actually lovin' my purple pencil skirt and wide belt with the gold buckle! Yeah, baby!! Good Lord, I was skinny!

K has on a classic early 90s belt, too, and you know I love me some polka dots!! Fabulous!! I bet we were headed to church.

These pictures must've been a little later, maybe 1991??

And what's not to love??

Remember those cute dresses with the tiered skirts?? Very Debbie Gibson. I'm surprised K isn't wearing her "teeny bopper hat" with this dress! She had fantastic bangs, don'tcha think??

Here's a funny story: she got new bedroom furniture back then and her vanity ended up with such a thick layer of hairspray from achieving this look, that her mother made her spray her hair in the garage!! Hilarious!! It was Rave hairspray, if you're wondering.

Then there's me in that awesome acid-washed denim skirt. That top had a matching skirt, 2-tiered, and similar to what K is wearing with the wide black band in the middle, but you could like unbutton it to wear it alone. Sweet.

I looooved my wardrobe during those years!! I believe I'm wearing the classic pink frosted lip gloss here, too.

We're pretty darn cute!! heehee


Tabi said...

Oh the denim skirts!!! I think I had a few just like that!! Great times! Hahahaha

Just me.....Shelly said...

I loooove these pics, tab!! SO much fun and takes me back. I have not worn hairspray in years, which is funny since i used to pile it on LIKE CRAZY!! Oh how times change, huh? We'll be laughing at ourselves in 10 years I'm sure of that!

Crayl said...

You are both serious fashion plates, nice.

We are THAT Family said...

You're right, pretty cute indeed! I love these pictures!

Tammy said...

Very Debbie Gibson-ish for both of you! Cute!

Valarie said...

The shoes she has on with the striped outfit! I think I had those!! I wore them with my wonderful tye died outfit that I featured in one of my previous fro me to you's. The only difference was they were striped on the front part and polka dotted in the back.

Muthering Heights said...

What a couple of little fashionistas!

jennifer said...

Well aren't y'all something! I remember the tiered dresses well!