Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Are sugar plums dancing in YOUR head??

They are in mine!!

Along with homemade cookies, kids' initial ornaments, pink Christmas trees, festive lip glosses, handmade purses...

Oh, I have a lot of ideas and of course I'll be sharing them!!

Here's the first round of my favorites, snatched right out of "Woman's Day" magazine.

Giving homemade cookies is no new idea but I love this fun way of packaging them! Cheap and cute!! A stack o' cookies, wrapped in cellophane and tied with ribbon! Oh, yeah!

And I adore this idea. Instead of writing names on your gift tags, attach a photo of the recipient!! Do it on heavy paper (even laminate it) and it becomes an ornament!

BUT, before I get too caught up in the Christmas spirit, I have to get through November!! And November in our family is "The Month of Never Ending Birthdays." Here's the run-down:

TWO sister-in-laws
One brother-in-law
TWO nephews
my mom
my son
and ME!
And a handful of good friends, too!

Plus my parents AND grandparents anniversaries! Thankfully, those are just card occasions but the rest require GIFTS!

Alerting my hubby to the quickly approaching M.O.N.E.B.s, he said, "Don't even tell me. Just budget ten bucks each." CAN DO!

Thankfully, my holiday magazines are pouring in with wonderful "under ten dollars" gift ideas!

Here's Idea #1: Boots No7 Colour Compact at Target for just $10!! It includes three eye shadows, three lip glosses and a shimmer face powder, all in a lovely compact. Boots is Target's more "natural" brand. I've heard this is sold out on the web site so I will be checking my local stores and snatching them up! Perfect for SILs and moms!!

I'll be alerting you to other fun ideas and bargains as we go along! Happy dreaming!

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