Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Talk about creepy

I took this quiz on Facebook, using my maiden name and what I thought about my husband-to-be before we met. So it may be a little skewed but still--what're the odds??

What Letter Does Your Soulmate's Name Start With?

Result: The Letter A
Possibly (but not limited to) Addison, Aaliyah, Aaron, Adam, Abigail, Abby or Aiden.

My hubby's name is Andrew!! :)

Bonus fortunes:
You will meet on: an airplane.
You will honeymoon in: Angola.
Your children will be: adorable.
Your in-laws will be: annoying.

Yeah, we met at his aunt and uncle's house on Thanksgiving weekend. We honeymooned in Mexico. Our son IS adorable! :) But I love my in-laws!!

Oh, well, the result still made me giggle!!

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