Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall fabulous cards

I was a busy, busy bee Saturday night! That deal where you go to the kitchen for a drink and go, "Is it really ten o' clock already?? Where'd the last two hours go??" I love it when that happens!!

This is a Thank You card I made for my hubby's boss, who treated us all to lunch last week. She's a business woman so I thought the argyle was just silly/serious enough to work. She's definitely both!

This is it's sister.

I also made two more invitations for my Crafternoon. I think they're super-cute!

These are generic "just a note" cards.

And I made a couple fall birthday cards. I love the shots of teal and purple!

The stripes remind me of a man's sweater from the 80s!

Then I made a slew of Happy Thanksgiving cards. My hubby liked this one best but it was hard to get a good picture. See the sparkles?

This one is pretty simple.

I like this color combo.

And this one was inspired be an idea book but I used yarn instead of ribbon...and to me, it's a little fussy and bulky. Hmm. I doubt I'll sell this one. Thoughts??

Lastly, I'm cooking up some ideas and color schemes for some Christmas's a preview.

Most of these will be in my Etsy shop early this week!

What cards are you giving away lately??

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