Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday craftin'

I'm workin' away on a few Crafternoon invitations to give out tomorrow. YES, it's a week away--but I figure, people are busy or they aren't and they want to come or they don't...and you tell them too far ahead and they forget!

I whipped these up and have plans for several more. Simple, pretty and fallish. If I got one of these (I often complain of never getting invited to anything. Doesn't anyone host anything cool anymore??), I'd take one look and say "I'll be there!"

But, alas, people are "busy" (I hate that word--who's not busy?? I just tell people it's not a priority!) and sometimes hesitate trying something new, so...we'll see who ends up coming! If it's my mom and I, so be it!

Later today, my SIL and I are headed to historic downtown Glendale for their Front Porch Festival. There should be lots of fall goodies to check out and tons of great shopping and giveaways--I'll keep you posted!

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