Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sincerely 'Fro Me To girl

It's fall so let's take a trip to the farm, shall we? Here's me circa, oh...1983?? Maybe age 5 or 6??

While my father attended seminary in the Florida panhandle, we lived in a little farm house on an actual farm, complete with hogs, horses and Brahma bulls (and lots of stray cats and dogs). Those were the best years of my childhood. I'm sure this shirt was second-hand and how do you like those fly-aways?? I still have them, by the way, when my hair is pulled back and it's humid. Not as cute now.

**Disclosure** the white streak is a tiny tear in the picture! :)

And this is the actual farm house. It's charming, isn't it? We had a wonderful fig tree, perfect for climbing. Across the street was a ditch and a corn field and our neighbors were a 1/2 mile away on either side. It had a tin roof and you could hear the squirrels jump from the front tree, run across the roof, and jump off into another tree in the back. We had bees in the walls, too, among other things. My mother made it cozy, though, and we shared a lot of amazing memories in that house.

Thanks for taking a little trip down memory lane with me!! Check back next Thursday for my first installment of "kookt costumes" in honor of Halloween!

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