Sunday, November 2, 2008

Christmas cards

My family doesn't follow this blog so I don't feel guilty about "revealing" my best contender for this year's Christmas card. Costco disappointed me cuz they have a new, bigger size but a lot less designs to choose from. This one in from Wal-Mart and is only 5 cents more each.

I'm thinking we'll dress to match. Maybe my hubby in green, my boy in something neutral and me in pink.

It's very similar to what I've already purchased for wrapping and gift tags so, while hardly anyone will notice my coordinated effort, I'll know and it'll make me happy!!

YES, I love to make cards. I made about 25 of them many years ago for Christmas, complete with three types of paper and silver embossed snow flakes and by the time I finished them all, I wanted to put my head through a wall. Not the stress I want during the most wonderful time of the year!

My Christmas card of choice is the photo greeting card. Want to simplify your Christmas cards this year? Here's my tips.

1. Have a family photo shoot in early November, giving you plenty of time to edit and choose your favorite shots. We've hired the same girl for two years and will be meeting with her next weekend to do our "shoot." Go for a color-coordinated look but it doesn't have to be matchy-matchy. Jeans and coordinating solid-colored shirts or sweaters are nice.

2. Find a card design you love and get that baby printed with your favorite photo(s)! There's a million choices but if you're like me, you want the convenience of "making" it on-line and picking it up from a local store, so look at Walgreens, Costco and Wal-Mart.

3. Have your personal message printed on the card (it's included in the price). Then you don't even have to sign it!! Y'know, "Merry Christmas from the Blah-Blah Family, 2008" or whatnot.

4. Keep track of your recipients' addresses with the label feature on your computer so all you have to do is print those babies out and slap them on!

5. Order more than you need for the people you might've forgotten.

6. Do an assembly-line-type procedure for stuffing them, putting on the address label and adding your return address label. I put a sticker on the back, too.

And there ya go! Once mine are sent and in every one's hands, I'll post the final product!!

Happy Christmas card shopping!


Just me.....Shelly said...

those are CUTE! I took our holiday picture for our cards this year (only a pic of lily)......its been so warm here, I thought WHY NOT!! so, I am one step ahead this year....yay!

Avily Jerome said...

Great advice!

Now to take that first step and get pictures done....


P.S. I'll pretend to be surprised when I see them!