Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Report

Well, it was quite a day today!

First thing, my lil' dude and I headed to my mom's Montessori preschool (where she teaches the culture class) for their fall celebration day. They had "The Reptile Guy" there with his creepy friends and it was a riot.

First, he got to pet this lizard...

...and he did pet the iguana, but, of course, I didn't get the shot.

THEN the snake came out!!

He did touch it, very bravely.

But when the head started moving in his direction, he got a little wary.

Then the snake definitely got TOO CLOSE! This picture cracks me UP!!! Talk about a "WHOA!" Notice the handler's hand, ready to pull it back!

He also strung beads on a pipe cleaner bracelet, which is definitely a very "Montessori-esque" activity. Hand-eye coordination, concentration, fine motor skills...and, hey, jewelry is always good!!

He was quite amazed when my mom ate a spider cookie, too.

He ate a few cookies plain, then painted with the icing, which was way more fun than eating it. Then he proceeded to lick the icing off the spreader, when the school's director was standing there, of course. Heehee. Good thing he was the last kid of the day!

He played on the playground quite a bit and I managed to capture this gleeful look!

Afterward, we headed back to my folks' house for a nap and dinner, then we went trick-or-treating. It was his first time so it took him a while to get the hang of it. He wanted to take the candy out of their hand, rather than letting them drop it in the bucket. He'd ring the bell and say "Trick or treat!" before they even opened the door. And if they took too long, he'd plop down on their porch to wait. So funny.

No costume, by the way. He hates wearing clothes, especially itchy, uncomfortable clothes so a Thomas bucket and Thomas shirt had to work.

He got some good loot but was happy to share.

And lastly, here was me in my Track or Treat shirt and my baby bump as I enter the second trimester at 13 weeks along!

P.S. When I tried to get a picture of us together, he kept going limp. That's a nice tactic to avoid having to smile for a picture--play dead. Lovely.


Krissy said...

lol ... You're SO much more calm about the reptiles then I would have been. lol I would have been FREAKING OUT! Your little guy is a cutie... he seems so sweet! :) And you are looking radiant! I wish I had your figure. lol :)

nanapat said...

I was there but still laughing at the progression you captured! Good job little mama! Love and hugs from Nana Pat

Avily Jerome said...

That's hysterical! I think my kids would have enjoyed looking at the reptiles, as long as they didn't get too close... :)

Trick-or-treating sounds just like Judah! He didn't want to wear his Outfit (not costume- outfit! :) and he kept taking the candy out of people's hands not letting them put it in his bag.

Good times! Glad you had fun!

Jen said...

Do you remember us holding the snake at our zoo field trip senior year?? I was thinking about that when watching your pictures. He looks like he had a great time, and you are looking great preggo!

Brandie said...

He's one brave little guy!
E is the same about itchy clothes. She was originally going to be Princess Jasmine, but the clothes were just too itchy. So, I made her Wall.E costume extra comfy!

LOVE the baby bump picture! I see you in there little one!