Saturday, November 1, 2008

Initial ornament DIYP--cuuuute!

Need a cute gift idea that only takes about an hour of your time and $2.00 to make??

Then check this out!!

You can get those 4" letters at most craft stores for about $1.25, made out of either wood or that white, plaster-like material. I chose wood just because it's more...old-fashioned??

Here's a tip: sanding and priming these would make the painting #1, easier and #2, smoother. You're welcome! :)

There's a small hole in the bottom so I did most of my painting by perching it on the end of a paint brush.

First, I painted it with two coats of the aqua blue.

Then I did the orange dots with a pencil eraser...the white tiny dots with a toothpick...and the green dots with a slightly smaller eraser on a mechanical pencil. I'll be looking for three more distinct sizes for the rest of mine!

Can you see the tiny white dots??? I thought it gave it a little dimension.

Then I attached the ornament hook to the back with Mod Podge but I'll be using hot glue next time. See, I did all the trial-and-error for you!!

I Mod Podged the whole thing over, too, and tied the ribbon on.

I'd like to try a camouflage version for two of my nephews, and maybe add other personalized embellishments to some. Team colors (orange and blue, say) are another fun idea.

For my future letters, I'll probably use an organza ribbon, just so there's no "bad sides." For boys, I may just tie a know or forgo the ribbon altogether.

And of course the color combinations are endless! Stripes, too, or little curly-cues...I couldn't nap today, thinking of all the possibilities!!

I'll let you know what else I cook up--let me know if you try this!!


Krissy said...

SO CUTE! SOOOO SO SO SO SOSSSSOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously need to find some people to make those for. lol What GREAT gift ideas and TOTALLY cheap!!!! Awesomeness. Just plain awesome.

Tabi said...

Love this!! Will be trying this soon BUT....I am craft retarded...what is mod podge??