Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday's Fave Five #1

This is a new one for me!!

Susanne hosts this every Friday, over at

Living To Tell the Story

You list your five favorite things from the week. This goes perfectly with my "Attitude of Gratitude" I try to embrace every day.

#1, Origins "Peace of Mind" 25% off, free shipping and free gift wrap! I sent out four as early Christmas presents, to help relieve all that pre-Christmas stress and tension! Less than $8 each, what a deal!!

2. All this fabulous Thomas party ware for our son's 3rd birthday party this weekend. All week, we've talked of little else than his Thomas party with cupcakes, presents and all his friends--he is SO excited! My parents bought (and my mom shopped for) all the party ware stuff for us, decorations included. What a huge blessing!

3. November in Arizona where it's warm enough to wade in Nana's pool...

and play with the hose in the back yard.

4. Celebrating my mom's birthday with a yummy steak dinner by the pool, presents and cake!! And this was despite my car breaking down on the freeway half way there and my hubby coming to rescue me! Thank you, Lord, for your protection and providence!

It made her day that it was the first year her first grandson SUNG "Happy Birthday" to her!! He enjoyed the cake, too.

Here's the purse I ordered from Karen of

Baffin Bags on Etsy

Mom loved it!!

5. All this new paper arriving in the mail from

Jane Says on Etsy

She even threw in two extra packs for free! Thanks, April!

This week exemplifies November in our family--busy, but in the best possible way!


Susanne said...

Hello and welcome to Friday's Fave Five. I loved reading your list. Your son is so going to enjoy his Thomas party. What fun.

Looks like your mom had a great birthday. I love that bag you got her.

Betty said...

Great list. And with photos is always good. Love the bag your mom got. Isn´t it great to receive things in the old fashioned mail??

Hope to see you next Friday again!

ellen b said...

Hi Tabitha,
My grand nephews gift just got mailed away inside a Thomas bag :0)
Glad you were rescued. That dinner looks yummy!! Have a good weekend..

Tracie said...

What an adorable purse!! Cool paper, too. Dont' cha just love getting stuff in the mail?!

Happy birthday Mom!

Patricia @ Typing One-Handed said...

It's fun to watch the little ones get excited about their birthdays. I think my grandson's mom was as excited he was.

My daughter ordered her son's 3rd birthday party stuff a month and a half before his "Backyardigans" party (last February). We held it in the church fellowship hall so his friends from Sunday school could come. He hasn't picked a theme for his 4th birthday...thankfully Christmas comes before...or she would be wanting to get an extra early price from

Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy Friday!

Robin said...

Hmmm...I'm thinking that I would love Arizona :)

I love your list!

Jackie said...

Oh, I love Origins! I use their blush and foundation, and Peace of Mind. So great for relieving stress.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Well I can see why you love your faves! I am quite enamored with that bag myself. Have a great weekend.

Jen said...

Thanks for sharing your favorite things this week. That bag is very cute.
Happy Birthday to you little guy.

Brenda said...

Yummy steak dinner! I am getting hungry :)