Sunday, November 23, 2008

Monkey's 3rd Birthday!

Are you as tired of my family's birthdays as I am??? But we always say, "It sure beats the alternative." I'll take celebrating a plethora of birthday over the alternative any day. Or month!

But now I'm done!! Well, throwing them, anyway. I still have to attend my nephew's next weekend but that'll be a breeze compared to the month I've had!

First of all, I spent Friday night and most of Saturday at the Women of Faith conference in Glendale, AZ.

Here's me with my mom and my friend, Jen, who was drove us. I'm about 16.5 weeks preggers in this pic in case you're counting. I'm feeling large these days but in a good way.

Anyway, GUESS WHAT?? WOF had a surprise guest...


I posted this video the day before, how weird is that?? I just randomly saw it on another blog and thought it was SO funny. Low and behold, she ocassionally performs on the WOF tour and wasn't scheduled to be in Phoenix and just happened to drop in Friday night and PERFORMED THAT SONG!! I whispered to my mom, "I just posted this song on my blog yesterday!!" My row-mates cracked up as much as I did.

Whether you are a mom or have a mom (that's you), you should watch the video!!

Now you should know that in the interest of not leaving the father's out, she did a rendition for them. It simply went, "Go ask your mom, go ask your mom, go...ask...your...mooooom!" Stinkin' funny stuff, folks.

So we had about an hour to unwind from the conference and stretch our legs (we did that in Hobby Lobby, heehee) then hit the store for the party paraphanalia for

my son's 3rd birthday party,

held Sunday at a nearby park.

Oh, goodness, was he excited about this party!! And he really "got it," that it was all for him.

This is what he (more or less) arrived to...

...and this was his expression when he came running up and first saw the pavilion all decked out with Thomas the Train and his beloved Nana and Mommy waiting expectantly for him.

Then when he gt up close to check it all out, this was his expression. "Quietly Amazed," I'd say!

Our pavilion was located near the water with plenty of ducks to keep us amused.

(Yes, his rule is "get as close to the water as is 3-year-oldly possible)

Yeah, um, you're not supposed to feed them, "For Public Health Safety Reasons..." but...who can resist?? We could've been arrested. We even shared our bread with other park patrons!! Rebels, I tell ya! This was an actual party guest, however.

This is my dear friend and her 2-year-old daughter, whom I help out with part-time during the week. It's the best "job" in the world! :)

Ain't she cute?? She's as sweet as she looks. Throws like a boy, too!!

Here's my same friend's son, who my boy thinks is his best buddy.

Some folks tossed a football around, much to my son's amusement!!

There was a nice shady tree, too, for eating under. We served sandwiches and the fixin's.

And naturally, there were cupcakes. I, ah...kinda forgot the we wung it!! :) He ended up not eating even one bite and instead pummeled it to smitherines and played with it. He's not what you'd call "a neat freak."

He thought it was great fun to smoosh the train rings into it, though.

A highlight was, of course, opening presents. Our three nephews were veeeeerrrrryyyy interested in the Thomas stuff he opened. Do I feel some playdates coming on??

The girls preferred bubbles. Although one of the girls did like the bugs in her goody bag!

And I can't leave out my lovely SIL and only niece!!

And here's a rare shot of ME, with my son!!! He obviously couldn't have cared less but I just wanted to prove that I was there.

He was totally uninterested in me last year, too! He sure has grown up in a year!

Here's my hubby, helping him with his new scooter.

This was them last year with his new tricycle, which he has more than perfected since then.

Lastly, I'll do my favorite thing...comparison pictures!!

One week old, December 2005

His 1st birthday party (Elmo and trucks), November 2006

His 2nd birthday party (E-I-E-I-O and farm), November 2007

His 3rd birthday party (Thomas the Train), November 2008

Monkey, we love you more and more with every passing day!!

Here's to 100 more birthdays!

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Avily Jerome said...

Good times!

We had great fun- and how about that perfect weather, huh?!?