Friday, January 30, 2009

Belly progress, 26 weeks

Anyone out there wondering how the pregnancy is coming along???

If you're like me, time is flying by!

I just hit 26 weeks/6.5 months/the start of the THIRD trimester this week!!

I feel great, continue to sleep really well and have had no issues thus far. Praise God!

Here's me today with some seriously fuzzy hair!! heehee

And for anyone like me who always wants to see the bare belly shot, here ya go!

If you're REALLY into pregnancy and belly shots, head on over to my pregnancy blog for all the gory details! :)

ProudGRITS is preggers

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Just me.....Shelly said...

well, don't you look beautiful?? you look awesome, notta stretchmark, nothing....lucky you!! Cant wait to see the 40 week shots!!