Friday, January 2, 2009

Embrace hearts

I love hearts.


They're sweet, they're girly and they're romantic. In large quantities (think heart-printed leggings, for example), they're somewhat childish. But for me, that just adds to the appeal. And, no, I don't wear them, except perhaps around my neck.

In fact, my oldest, bestest friend worked at a jewelry store for many years and long about age 20, she told me, "Get over the heart thing." It was all I looked at and all I bought! I needed to grow up.

But I still love hearts. Especially heart jewelry. This is a small collection compared to years past but I find myself wearing hearts at every opportunity!

So when Valentine's Day rolls around, you can bet I'll be crafting me up some heart-related goodies! Like these.

By the way, it doesn't hurt that one of my favorite colors is and pink.

YES, you can buy them in my Etsy shop! :)

Proudgrits11 on Etsy

1 comment:

Avily Jerome said...

Lovely! Just charming!

I enjoy a good heart theme now and again, but I don't like to overdo. :)