Saturday, January 10, 2009

Organizing Junkies Monthly Round-Up!

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Paper, paper, everywhere!

My hubby takes care of the bills and the "major" paperwork, so I'm in charge of MY paper--of which there are PLENTY!!

This room is one we share, by the way.

WARNING!! I do "REAL" befores and afters! No "clean up before the clean up" funny business going on here!

This area is "command central" for my life, including church stuff, all manner of paperwork and my home-based jewelry business. My business is on the back burner, but I do take care of my current customers and fill catalog orders, so I have to have my jewelry and business supplies accessible.

Now I also have an Etsy shop so I have to keep that STUFF close at hands as well.

So, yes, over the holidays it got a little out of control, thus the dramatic "before" photos!!

Now, without further ado, here are the before and afters for direct comparison! :)




I love these magazine files from IKEA for paperwork and catalogs.

I set aside this tray for catalog orders with an order form, calculator and bags for the jewelry. Totally "grabable" at a moment's notice, which is usually all I get.

And here's my now-fully-functional desk!

PHEW! I feel better now! :) I know my hubby will appreciate it, too!

Thanks for looking!

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