Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tutorial: JUMBO Valentine's Day tags!!

Q: Is it a gigantic tag that looks like a card...or a card that looks like a giant tag??

A: It's both! :)

I like tags, especially big ones, mostly for their versatility because you can use them as a tag, of course, or as a card! Either way, you get a cute shape and some fun ribbon!!

I've been making these like mad for my Etsy shop. I love them!

I've had two custom orders for 12 each--I think I've made about 30 now. PHEW!

Here's the tutorial:

Buy a set of note cards. These are the 4" x 5.5" size and included envelopes.

Cut those babies in half. Yup, ya buy 12 note cards, ya get 24 tags/cards! Then measure an inch down from the top, and an inch in from the sides at the top and cut the corners off. Once you have a template, you can use it to cut the rest.

The striped one was $1 for a set of 8! Serious bargain! I just adhered the sides together!

Then layer paper! Of course, it helps to get your color-coordinated papers, inks, stamps and embellishments assembled beforehand. I like to use the solid card stock I already have and just get a few new sheets of paper with similar colors as accents. Then I use those colors to choose my embellishments. Or...choose cute embellishments, then choose the coordinating papers! Whichever way you like!

You can also hit the $1 aisle at Target for some serious bargains, especially on seasonal papers and accents . Or use what you have! Anything with hearts, flowers--anything sweet, romantic, cute--you name it, it'll probably work! I used this bird and just added a festive hat!

I made more of these (different camera, sorry). See the over-lapping layers on the card on the right? Love that! P.S. They did get glittery hats later! :)

For this one, I used the teal heart paper in a strip along the bottom. I stamped my sentiment on a solid color, then layered that on a contrasting paper and put that on top. The more contrast the better.

I love this combo of the traditional red and pink along with purple, green and teal.

For these two, I covered the entire card in paper, then layered on that. Counting the card, that's five layers on the card on the right! Besides dimension, it also gives it some substance. The card on the left features brads and lace, too! Go crazy!

Add your embellishments or sentiment and if you like "bling" like I do, add some extra glitter or crystals to jazz it up.

These were cute 3-D embellishments that worked really well. They're just FUN!

Punch a hole at the top, tie on a ribbon or some yarn (or 'fun fur' like I did)--and there ya go! I like this sheer polka dot ribbon because it's substantial, ties well and doesn't have a wrong side.

Course, you may have to buy extra envelopes but, still--it's a good deal, and once you get a "look" you like and have all the supplies, make a whole bunch!

They're great to have on hand so if you need a card, pop it in the envelope. Need a tag? Tie it on!


P.S. Want to see what I've got in my Etsy shop?
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Just me.....Shelly said...

Hello! I'm baaaaack in business, haahhahaa! Oh, how fun to catch up on your blog and look at all your pics! GIrl, it looks like you have been BUUUUUZZZZYYYY!!! WOW!!!! COngrats on the etsy sales, too!! whooo hoo!!

K-Sue said...

This is my first time seeing your blog - arrived from Mt. Hope. What a cute spot you have! I like these giant tags. Thanks for the idea.