Monday, February 9, 2009

Fairy Garden Tea Party

This was my Sixth Annual Valentine's Day Tea Party only this year there were two changes: it was a "Fairy Garden" theme and I specifically included little girls. Some of my "regulars" said it was the best one yet!

We had a wonderful assortment of goodies to try...

and everyone got to choose a tea cup and saucer from my collection to enjoy for the day.

Most of the ladies enjoyed hot tea but many of the "wee ones" opted for pink lemonade!

It was so neat to see the moms and daughters making memories together!

Here they're practicing proper tea etiquette, which dictates that you stir slowly and avoid "clinking" your spoon against the cup. Notice, too, the napkin spread across the lap.

Sipping, not slurping! Very nice.

We made fairy wands as a party favor...

And planted miniature fairy gardens.

My mom's garden.

My final product, including tiny, fairy-sized cupcakes! And look, my chives are sprouting!

The littlest fairies even frolicked in the back yard weeds!

Many of the "grown-ups" also got into the spirit!

This is me with my sisters-in-law (my hubby's sisters) and my niece, who definitely "took the cupcake" for their creative costumes!

Me and my mom. I just like this picture! :) Me at 27 weeks.

And of course, we had to try the wings on Andrew afterward! He said, "I'm a butterfly!"

It was a very magical and memorable event by all accounts and one that will be hard to beat next year! Thanks to all who attended!

Want to plan your own Fairy Tea Party? Leave a comment and I'll help you out in any way I can!

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Just me.....Shelly said...

oh, what a sweet looking tea party! I want to be there! I love the collection of tea cups and saucers...I have hundreds of vintage, mismatched china and love every charming piece.....great idea!!