Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday's Fave Five #7

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1. My Fairy Garden Tea Party on Saturday was a blast and by all accounts, both moms and daughters alike had a wonderful time. See all the pictures at this post:

Tea Party

2. One of my oldest dearest friends in my hometown had her baby girl on the 11th (my family's "special number"), the first girl among my close group of high school friends. Her name is Kate and she was 7 lbs. 6 oz. and Mom and Kate both seem to be healthy and well!! Ain't she cute?? I love all that pink!!

3. This early Valentine's Day gift from my mom. A red tea cup that fits the "Forte" tea "cones." Love it!! And it's red!!

4. A $10 gift certificate from my mom to use on Ethan (our baby-boy-to-be). I wanted Drew to pick something out for him and he liked this duck design...

...but he really like the "squeeze me" onesie. Go figure!! I think it's adorable.

5. My mini bathroom "makeover." I did it for the tea party but I'm going to leave it up for Spring. I adore purple but don't really use it anywhere in the house so this was my big chance! I love anything lavender, too, so I incorporated lavender, fairies and purple together! with beige walls and a white shower curtain, it's fun to change it up every once in a while!

P.S. I had a blast making these chocolate-dipped pretzels. I sprinkled some with red sugar, some with red candy lips and the rest were drizzled with strawberry frosting!

I sent some in goody bags with my hubby for the ladies he works with in the accounting department.



dana said...

What a sweet FFF post! The newborn looks adorable in the pink--and I love your purple touches in your bath. I'm sure your guests loved those! I've never seen that cup before made just for the Forte cones--and in a great Valentine Day red! Your pretzels look so darling!

Have a great weekend. Dana

Oh, how could I forget how sweet that little outfit is that your hubby picked out for baby Ethan!!

Brenda said...

It sounds like you are a thoughtful person who pays attention to the details. All those gifts and nice touches even in the bathroom.

Susanne said...

The pretzels look wonderful! Great idea. I love the purple in your bathroom. It is very springy!

Willow said...

The onesies are so cute! Ethan will certainly be a lucky ducky!

Karyn said...

That is about the cutest onesie I've seen!

What a beautiful pink baby!

I love your bathroom with the touches of lavender!