Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday's Fave Five #9

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(written on Thursday evening)

1. My baby shower invitations arrived this week!! They are soooo cute! I won't give away the surprise, but I stamped each envelope with blue baby footprints.

2. Two new paper punches (umbrella and butterfly) for 40% off and new spring confetti! I can't wait to make some Spring cards!

3. Beautiful weather her in Arizona. Andrew and I spent a lot of time this week in the back yard, soaking in the sun and playing--plus I got to finally flip through some of my favorite magazines!

4. Time to Springify! I saw a picture of a mantle in one of the magazines I read with white dishes and I thought, "Hey, I can do that!"

Here's how it started. Kinda...random. Not very springy.

This was my first attempt.

Then I tweaked it a bit, added a bird, etc. I'd like a nest with eggs to go under the glass dome.

Here's the shelf AND the desk after the "makeover."

It makes the whole room feel lighter and fresher!

5. My grandmother sent me this fairy (from one of the "before" picture). I told her over the phone that it's a "shelf sitter" and almost said a bad word! :) She said it was a "congrats on the great tea party" gift. I know she wishes she could've been here for it!! Now she needs to find a permanent home...

And as a P.S., I hit 30 weeks of pregnancy this week! I feel like I'm finally entering the home stretch! Here's me (after sitting in the sun a lil' today)!

I hope you had a beautiful week, too!!


Jen said...

You look adorable. And yeah for nice temps so you can get the way your shelf is nice...and loved the umbrella punch and baby footprint stamp..i love stamps.

Brenda said...

Good job on the table and mantel redo, it looks great!

Willow said...

When I visit your blog, I know the temperatures my son and dil have as they live in Phoenix area. Isn't it wonderful to be able to sit outside in the sun in February!?

Jerralea said...

I really enjoyed your five, and the photos you took to accompany them. Love the white dishes on the shelf and table. Now of course I have to wonder if I should do something like that!

Susanne said...

The footy print envelopes are adorable. No sitting outside in shorts are here! Unless one wants frost bite of course. LOL. So nice that you can do that.

The spring theme looks great!

Just me.....Shelly said...

OoOh, look at that adorable belly shot!! SO so cute, Tabs!

I acn't wait to see pics from your upcoming shower!!

Jientje said...

You look just great!!!
Congratulations on the baby! Oh and I love your mantle decoration, very VERY well done!!

Karyn said...

Love the springy look of your shelf! It is always nice to change things up a bit.