Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Arizona winter, green & our boy

1. Let's start with Our Boy.

This week, on one of the night's I put him to bed, we were praying. "Thank you, Lord, for a wonderful day with Popsicles and lizards and lots of sunshine. Thank you, Lord, for Daddy and HaHa..." (he still calls his Aunty Sarah "Haha")

And Andrew piped up and said, "And thank you, Lord, for Mommy."

I don't usually include myself in the list. But he did. My mom later pointed out, "You should write that down. That was the first time he prayed for you!"

How sweet is that???

Drew also coached him while I was at a meeting Monday night, so that now when you ask him, "What is your baby brother's name?" he replies, "Efan!" He tells anyone that asks that there's a baby in Mommy's belly. But he's still way more interested in my belly button than he is his brother.

2. My favorite color is green. I snapped this with the self-timer the other day and when I looked at it later, I said, "Gosh, I really do love green!" Green shirt, necklace, table, cross, plate...phew!

3. Now on to the reason so many people spend the winter in the Phoenix valley.

Here's Andrew in my folks' pool on February 28th. The official "First Dip of The Year." I believe this is his third consecutive year winning.

The water was 70 degrees--that's summer pool temps a lot of places!

He had a blast and didn't want to get out.

How's winter going where you are??


Casey said...

It is starting to warm up. And I mean 40's and 50's warm. I wish for 80's each day. Not so lucky here.
Oh well.

Kasey said...

what a darling blog you have!