Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Your "Inner Room," part 2

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Matthew 6:6 talks about having "an inner room" where you go to spend 'alone time' with the Lord. This can be interpreted a lot of different ways, according to your own needs. Do you need a spot just to escape and pray? Do you need a dedicated space for all of your daily quiet times, reading and Bible study?

It's all about making the space work for you and having the necessary tools close at hand so there's no excuse not to spend time with the Lord.

Or maybe I'm the only one who makes excuses?? :)

Here's two version from my very own family.

This is my mom's "sacred space" in a corner of her bedroom. She goes here first thing every morning to pray. When I "interviewed" her about this, she stressed the importance of making the space your own and having things that are meaningful to you, your personal relationship with Jesus and your journey with the Lord. Naturally, this will be different for everyone--and that's OK!

So. Mom likes to kneel when she prays, so that's what the purple floor pillow is for.

She collects crosses, and keeps her favorites in this space, too. The one on the wall says "Amazing Love" with a crown of thorns and the beaded one was handmade by a craftsman at her church.

See the rocker nearby? It belonged to my great-grandmother and after Mom's time in her sacred space, she moves to this chair, where she does her daily devotionals and Bible study. See, the space has to be functional for YOU.

This is a close-up of her "alter." It's an antique piece from China that she "borrowed" from our house.

Again, you can use anything you want!

Notice the little "tent cards." The bigger one is something I gave out early in my pregnancy with a prayer specific to growing a healthy baby. The tiny one next to it changes often and has a special prayer request for someone she knows. This one is for a friend who is having surgery soon. The heart also has a prayer request written on it. Using "tent cards" or piece of paper for prayer requests is a great idea for those of us who need the visual reminder to pray!

You'll also see some of her favorite stones, mostly heart-shaped, representing places she has literally BEEN on her spiritual journey--or just her life journey! She burns the candle or incense often as well and says that she likes to imagine that God smells the aroma and says, "Oh, there's Pat!"

This space comes from my lovely sister-in-law's home. She calls it her "Nook" and it's in her bedroom as well. There's something about a tent or canopy that helps you feel like you're escaping from the pressures of the world and focusing on the Lord, isn't there?

She uses it for her Bible study and quiet times. Special touches include a cup of coffee and a candle with a relaxing scent.

She has three kids, ages 5 and under, and locks the door, asking them to knock if they need something. What a lovely spot to escape to!

And here's what I'll count as my space. I refer to it simply as "My Chair." It's in a corner of my Morning Room.

This is where I'd like to come for at least an hour every morning. Actually, I'd love to spend multiple hours every day here if I could! In reality, I sit here about once/day for at least five or ten minutes. I try to come as often as I have the chance and it's my favorite spot to escape to when I have a specific prayer request, need to look up a scripture for a friend or just need some extra time in the Word.

I've got my favorite green chair...a table for my favorite daily devotional book, a candle and my cup of coffee or adjustable lamp...and a basket.

The "shawl" was handmade by the above-mentioned sister-in-law (yes, she is pretty and talented) and is perfect to throw over my shoulders or lap on those occasional cool mornings in Arizona.

I looooove this daily devotional book by Joyce Meyer. There's a devo for every morning and evening and is the perfect way to start and end your day. I often look up the scripture verses she references to see if anything else stands out. I will admit it--sometimes this book is all I get to.

I also keep a pad of paper and pen handy (as well as highlighters and page markers) for when I come across something I want to come back to or reference later.

And y'know what? I only bring my best mugs to this spot when I come. I want my time here to be special! I figure, if Jesus were sitting with me in the rocker next to My Chair (as I often imagine Him doing), wouldn't I offer Him a cup of tea in my best mug?

And this is the basket I keep next to my chair, filled with "extra" Bible study materials and devotional books, for when I need an extra boost or have time to read for an extra thirty minutes.

How about you?? Do you have a space? Leave a comment and tell us about it! If you're willing to be "interviewed" and have pictures to share for a future post, let me know that, too!!

***** ADDED LATER *****

Here's what some of my friends do.

* C goes for a walk to think and pray.
* A sits on her bed for her Bible reading time, then moves to the floor next to the bed to kneel and pray.


Amanda said...

I LITERALLY just set up my "Lord Spot". I'd love to share my inner room with you all! Mine is not as cozy yet, but I'm sure it will get there!!

R said...

hey there! thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog!

this post is so inspiring to me. i usually get out my materials in the morning and then put them away again. (i'm a neat freak!) they're not very accessible throughout the day for spontaneous time with the Lord! i think i may designate a corner of our dining room table as "my space" during the day. and what a great testimony to our children to see our Bibles, etc. out in the open at all times!! we have a very small house, but a corner of the table is totally doable!

Avily Jerome said...

Thanks for highlighting me and my spot in your blog! It's fun to see what other people are doing, and to have a part in inspiring others, too!

Love you, sis!

Amanda said...

fINALLY! I posted about my Lord Spot.