Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I love getting into the spirit of the season!!


PHEW! I eeked in on this one!! Today is the deadline, I found out about it from the blog of a commenter to my blog post today! I love it when that happens!!

If you read this on the 11th and want to participate, e-mail her your name, address and blog address TODAY at

Check out her blog, it's adorable!


I'm so excited! I love Spring!

{Of course I'll be posting pictures of what I send and what I get so stay tuned!}

The one above is almost closed but I bet there are lots more out there! Comment if you know of some that are still open to signing up so we can jump in!!

Also, Rhoda at Southern Hospitality is hosting this:

Here's her description:

"And ladies, I'm having a Spring Fluffing Party, so get your party links ready. Since Spring is just around the corner, it's time to add a little Spring to our homes, and share the inspiration. Get out those birds nests, eggs, bunnies, and moss and spruce up a little corner of your home to share. You know I always redo my foyer table for the seasons and I have to come up with a fresh new look this year, so I'll be sharing that! All by raiding my stash closet and the rest of the house, I won't be buying new stuff."

Want to participate? Visit

Rhoda HERE

I've got one area already spruced and more ideas just waiting to be made a reality with one trip to the craft store! Won'tcha join me?? :)

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Hadley said...

I'm doing that swap too! May be we'll be partners. From the looks of your blog, I would be a luck girl!