Monday, April 6, 2009

maternity portraits & update

First of all, YES, I am feeling MUCH better!! Thank you for your well wishes and prayers!

I can attribute this to a few things:

1. getting back into my daily cup of coffee habit. I think after I didn't feel well that first day, I stopped wanting coffee, then had caffeine withdrawal!! So I get a cup down now, every day, even if I don't feel like it!

2. The shower and maternity photo shoot are behind me. Despite them being happy occasions, when there are hormones at work, for some reason the excitement translated to nervousness and anxiety. Weird. I felt almost instantly better toward the end of the shower, and felt better almost every hour that. The photo shoot almost set me off again but I kept myself calm, and once that was over--again, I felt relieved. Phew!

3. Time in prayer and quiet time with the Lord. That always goes a long way. My hubby and I prayed last night and the Lord seemed to keep reinforcing the word that is our prayer. That I can live in peace, surrender to God's peace, think peaceful thoughts and claim Gods "peace that passes all understanding." Plus, peace for the rest of the pregnancy and delivery, especially for the four days Drew will be out of town!

In other news, my sweaty hands and feet have continued, but I can definitely live with that! Hormones are surging!!

I am feeling much more like myself and am trying to eat and drinks as healthily as possible, despite a drop in appetite. A week from Wednesday, I'll be full term...and on the 6th, I'll be a month from my due date!!

And now, without further ado, here are some of the best shots from my maternity portrait session with Jen yesterday.

{IF YOU LIVE IN THE PHOENIX AREA AND WOULD LIKE HER INFORMATION, LEAVE A COMMENT AND I'LL CONTACT YOU! She charges $99 for what you see here--about an hour of time, plus all the edited proofs (and the copyrights to them) on a CD so you can print them or do whatever you want with them. A lot of the props were hers, too! She also does newborn, children's and family portraits!}

I'm at 35.5 weeks here.

Now, THAT'S a profile shot!!

Can you see a baby body part bulging, lower right to my belly button?? I remember him squirming the whole time and I'm betting that's an elbow or knee!!

Here's Andrew and I. He's 3.5 years old and as squirrely as he looks!!

Me and my boys. All hands on the belly!!!

He'll always be my baby.

Family of three for a little while longer...

...and who we have to look forward to meeting in 2-6 weeks!! :)

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Whitney said...

Such great pictures! Your little family is so precious!