Tuesday, May 5, 2009

due date

Today is the day before my due date so my countdown calculator will probably say "0 days to go" tomorrow and after that--it's anyone's guess!!

I saw my OB today and her bet is that Ethan will make his arrival "in the next few days." If not, I go back Monday and we take it two days at a time from there on out. I'm hoping to see her AT the hospital BEFORE Monday!

If you're interested in the full OB report, visit

My pregnancy blog

I'm sure I won't be able to blog until we return home from the hospital so I won't be able to share the news until a couple of days afterward--so I'll try to update daily before then. Maybe I'll do a last "heading to the hospital" post before we leave so no one worries! :)

Either way, our son was 6 days past-due--that's a week from now. We're having this baby SOON--and we are soooo ready!!

All of your prayers are appreciated--I'll keep you posted!!

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